How To UseBasic Usage Guide

1. Registration
Register for a free membership. In the registration form please fill-up relevant information (please note: some field are mandatory as marked by *). Bartaman Magazines Pvt. Ltd. Do not seek any information from its web users that are private and of any consequential value physical, emotional, legal or proprietary. The information this website need is only for providing a secure user interface with the website. You are requested to read, understand and then agree to conditions that pop up when you are registering with this website. Then Submit and complete the registration. On successful registration an activation mail will be send to registered email id. Click here to register.

2. Activation
Activate your account by clicking activation link, which was sent to your registered email account after registration. On successful activation, you can use your login details to login to the system and access the exclusive member pages.

3. Login
You can login to your account using correct email id and password to access member area. This is a secure site and subscribers are requested to check for and not at the address bar after they log in. Before registration and log in however the address bar will show http://

4. Subscription
If you want to read a magazine then you need an active subscription plan with sufficient account balance. Only registered members can buy suitable subscription plan from the options available and continue to refill the earlier plan value is exhausted. All plans are in INR. But if you buy it from any part of world you select the paying option in any currency which is provided by our banker ( equivalent INR Value. The payment will be collected by CC Avenue on behalf of Bartaman Magazines Pvt. Ltd. You will however get the bill from Bartaman Magazines Pvt. Ltd. Registered members Click here to subscribe.

5. Download the selected Magazine
Different magazines have different rate of reading. This will depend upon the periodicity and age of the magazine. Older magazines will be costlier than newer one.
If you want to read a magazine then you need to have an active subscription plan with sufficient account balance (greater than the reading charge of the magazine). Typically, the reading charge will be hour based. All subscribers are given a free buffer time of ten (10) minutes for the magazine to get downloaded and displayed. This buffer time of ten (10) minutes is not chargeable and your subscribed plan and open for will not be debited for such purpose.
Downloading and buffering time may vary depending upon the effective internet connection speed at that time.
Your account will be debited at the hourly fixed rate for the selected magazine. This means that even if you read the magazine for 1 hr& 3 minutes you will be charged for 2 hour. To avoid such loss this site, at the end of each hour, will ask whether you want to continue reading or not. So you can predefine your duration of reading. When you take a magazine from the rack, then reading charge of corresponding magazine issue will be deducted from your current subscription balance. You can take only one magazine at a time. This magazine will be available on your reading table. Once you have registered and purchased suitable plan you can straight way go to the reader’s corner and start reading the magazine available in the magazine rack of your choice.
Every time you select to open a magazine you will be given the option of deselecting (by clicking “Never Mind” link in the Reader Table) too. This is given to avoid any inadvertent pick up from the rack. But one has to do the de-selection before the inadvertently selected magazine is downloaded and open for reading. If the magazine is downloaded in the meanwhile then your account will be debited at applicable rate even for the inadvertently selected magazine.
When you open the magazine from the table, then a popup window opens with the magazine displayed in a stylish flip-book. A timer will also be displayed showing the “reading time” remaining. This timer will count down as you read the magazine. Once the time limit is over the system will prompt you to confirm whether you want to continue reading the magazine. On clicking “No”, the popup window will close and the magazine will be removed from the table. On clicking “yes”, the reading charge will be deducted again from your subscription balance and the reading time limit will be increased. The timer will start counting down the reading time remaining and this process will continue as you read the magazine.
If you logout from your account any magazine on your table will be removed and return to the rack. If you want to read that particular magazine, you will have to take the magazine from the rack by paying the appropriate reading charge again.
You can close (click on “X”) the page view window, but the system will keep on counting time from your available time pool till the expiry of one full hour. If however you reopen the page before the session reaches one hour duration you shall be able to continue reading and will only loose the time between closing and reopening of the page. In case you logout from the site you shall have to reselect the magazine from the rack you want to read for that session.

6. How to read the Magazine
When the pages open you shall be able to zoom in the page by double clicking on the desired page. To zoom out double click again on the zoomed in page. To turn page you can hold the cursor on the page you want to turn and then flip or you can click on the arrow head shown at end of page and go either forward or backward. In touch screen platform you should able to filp the page when you drag the page.

7. Minimum system requirement for the magazine to display properly:-
This website is best viewed in PC (or equivalent Personal Computers), running Microsoft OS Windows XP with SP2 or Windows-Vista or Windows 7, and either one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer version 6 or above, Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.8 or above, Opera version 11 or above, Google Chrome version 5.0 or above, Safari version 5.0.3 or above,.
This website is not accessible via mobile phones or any other handheld devices. This site requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or above. If you do not have it installed, please download the latest version from the link below:
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